Colour Specimens: Many, Many Encaustic Artists

I’m just exploring the different artists who use geometric and natural elements in their encaustic work to broaden my approach. Not many of the concepts are relevant.

John Tracey’s work demonstrates the subtly of encaustics.




Coastal Shift:




Stubble Field:

I don’t know what medium these are in but the way he lets the paint? crack and creates a linear effect, possibly using a comb, could be explored if I do encaustics.

Wall – Les Eyzies:

Pine Stand:

St Emilion:

Field – Les Sarrazinies:

Tracey also demonstrates the expressiveness of the medium (at least I think this is encaustic – it doesn’t say on his site oddly) with Indian Burial Ground:


Kathleen Waterloo Silent Running I:


Wood Street:


Goal Navigation:

Cyma Recta:

Deconstruction Zone II:

0002web01157.JPG (33200 bytes)


Carrie Goller Stripes:

Melomel — refers to a type of mead?:

Tobacco Weave:


Blythe Pathway:

Metheglin — referring another type of mead?:

Lynda Ray’s work looks better, to me, from further away but they show how the fluid nature of encaustics can be embraced in a more regimented way that the piece above.

Mazy Zone:

Salt Cave:



Float Copper:

Blue Ripple:



Spin II:

Spin III:


Cubic Chamber:

Amber Circuit:

Alexis Avlamis creates utopian and heterotopias. The former give us scope to imagine, invent and reinvent our future and new worlds, the latter are spaces that are neither here nor there – they’re both physical and mental spaces.


Animal Instinct:

Homage to Max Ernst shows for me what can be achieved with encaustic painting…

…as does Nebula I and Nebula II:

Before She Arrived:

Russell Thurston Nerve Net:

Barbara Arnold Forest Glow:

barbara arnold forest glow

Electric Sizzle:

barbara arnold electric sizzle

Lauren Lipinski Eisen’s work looks at the relationship between architecture, landscapes, agriculture and the displacement of indigenous species. Plant materials (seeds, leaves, etc.) and processed food is embedded in wax to reflect their fragility and how they’re utilized by us. These are contrasted by things like metal wire and mesh to symbolise industry.


Lauren Lipinski Eisen: Regeneration, 2011 Encaustic Painting


Astrid Fitzgerald Consrtuction 313:

Astrid Fitzgerald: Construction 313, 2009 Assemblage


Canvas Hanging:

Astrid Fitzgerald: Canvas hanging 345, 2010 Collage














Monica Wiedel-Lubinski’s Venture in Mind Is quite similar to my Camira digital piece:

Monica M. Wiedel-Lubinski: venture in mind, 2006 Acrylic Painting



Monica M. Wiedel-Lubinski: construct, 2006 Acrylic Painting













Rosalind Kaplan Planetary Orbits:

Rosalind Kaplan: Planetary Orbits, 2009 Encaustic Painting


Healing Shaman: Rosalind Kaplan: Healing Shaman, 2009 Encaustic Painting



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